The ultimate Pokemon Go trick — score a Pikachu as your starter Pokemon!

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It takes about 20 seconds of playing Pokemon Go for your starter capture to become mostly worthless, but that doesn’t mean everyone who played the original games didn’t think long and hard about choosing between Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur when going through the initial tutorial in Pokemon Go. The decision is of far less consequence than it seems initially, and that’s because you have no way of knowing there’s a fourth option waiting for you. That’s right, if you know what you’re doing you can catch a Pikachu as your starter Pokemon instead of the classic three, and this is how you do it!
  1. Create your Pokemon Go account and Log In.
  2. Create your character and outfit
  3. Walk away from the three Pokemon Professor Willow asks you to choose.
  4. Keep walking until you see Pikachu appear beside you, next to the others.
  5. Tap on Pikachu and capture it.
As you walk away from the classic three, your phone will vibrate and those Pokemon will jump to your location. Just keep walking, and they’ll keep jumping to your side. After the fourth or fifth time, Pikachu will pop up next to you. This means you’ll get a block or two of walking in before that Pikachu shows up, but it’s guaranteed to happen and well worth rubbing it in everyone’s face when you capture your first Pikachu!

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